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Best Places for Wedding Photos in Austin TX

By Eric Carroll

A wedding is a special event in one’s lifetime. It is, therefore, essential for one to host it in style and fashion. Wedding photography is the best way one can make their wedding memories fresh for decades ahead. Austin TX is rich with authentic photo shoot locations. Dream wedding destinations coupled with world renowned photographers from Austin TX means sheer fun and excitement on this fateful day. Below are some of the best places in Austin for wedding photos.

1. Mayfield Park located off the 35th Street remains an ultimate outdoor spot for taking bridal portraits. Butler Park situated to the south of Ladybird Lake is rich with spectacular views of the beautiful city of Austin. There are botanical gardens around here that are also great for taking bridal portrait photos.

2. Capitol Grounds can be the best option for those who prefer a spacious greenery wedding spots. Here, couples enjoy a clean environment with controlled temperature and packed with great attractions such as stairs, architectural features galore, and columns and much more. Great lighting and peacocks just make the place lively with great background ideal for fresh wedding photos.

3. Laguna Gloria is a phenomenal spot with tons of unique photographic attractions that are great for printing vivid union memories. Laguna Gloria is also great with a responsible staff.

4. Tuscan Vineyard at Florence is another great venue that offers a broad range of options for bridal photography all in a single spot. There are large windows, old wooden doors, and gigantic oak trees all make an excellent backdrop for cool photos. Moreover, the vineyard is ideal for those who love informal barefoot bridal shots.

5. South Congress in Austin is rich with fascinating colors and fabulous shops that provide unique wedding photography scenes. Here, there are a variety of engagement photography sessions. South Congress can be the ultimate destination for couples seeking for great moments together.

6. Barr Mansion has plenty of options for local austin wedding photography service. The maximum capacity this venue can hold is 200 people. The venue is packed with dream gardens, beautiful glass barns and historic mansions that make a great wedding experience. The outdoor seating is great and well-organized. However, photographers are required to pay attention to the lighting.

Austin remains the leading destination for anyone seeking a memorable wedding photography session. The above is a compiled list of the best places one can make their event both thrilling. There are many options for everyone.

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Junk Removal in Miami

By Eric Carroll

We are dedicated to offering you the best junk removal services in Miami. Our company is fully established to deal with different types of waste. It does not matter the type of waste which is disturbing you, just call us and we will respond within the shortest time possible. Even if you have been faced with an emergency, you should not be stressed, just call us and we will be very fast to help you. We know any delay to get rid of the waste it can inconvenience you. Since we started offering the services of junk removal in Miami, we have been able to satisfy the needs of different types of customers.

You will be charged at the best rates. We have put strategies in place to ensure we offer the services at unbeaten rates. We have dumpsters of different sizes. We will use the right dumpsters to collect your waste. If you have a lot of junk you will like to remove from your property, we will always ensure we remove the junk within the shortest time possible. Our customer care is working in most of the time, you can just call us at any given period of time and we will respond very fast to offer you the best services.

We are very flexible; you can decide to have the waste removed from your premises on a daily basis or once in each week. We will listen to your specific needs and offer you the best construction dumpster rental austin services ever. We are cautious not to pollute the environment when trying to remove waste from your property. We can decide to use dumpsters which we will place on your property with great care. We will remove all the waste for you to remain with environment which is very clean. We can remove all types of waste. We have all the necessary equipment which we can use to remove the waste from your premises.

We are dedicated to making your work easier. Just call us or fill our online contact form and we will arrive in your Miami home or business premises and collect the waste. Even if you are too busy, you will still move on with your busy schedule while we work under minimum supervision to clear all waste which may have accumulated near your premises. Even those working in large construction projects we can help them remove the junk conveniently. Try us and you will never regret.

Visit Miami for more information on junk removal.

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What to think about before getting a nose job?

By Eric Carroll

Nose job or Rhinoplasty is that type of plastic surgery where both the lower part (cartilage) and upper part (upper part) of the nose is modified. The result of a nose job is many to choose from. It can either be a more refined nose tip or a higher bridge or a narrower nose or removal of a bump and many such others. Even though it is very common and comes with no risk or side effects, there are some things that one needs to consider before going for a nose job. Here, some of these considerations have been discussed, so do read on:

The right surgeon

Rhinoplasty is very common these days, but it is still a complex operation. It is a plastic surgery which is concerned with millimeters, thus it needs expertise and experience. A poor surgery will without any doubt result into permanent deformity and other such problems.

With the right artistic skills, years of knowledge and experience and surgical technique expertise a desired outcome is very much possible. So, it is important to choose such a surgeon who is considered as the best and have been making his/her patients happy for a long time now. Besides this, the patient has to make sure that the surgeon is also known for his/her excellent pre and post operative care.

Revision Surgery

A patient needs to understand that if they deal with obstruction in nasal air ways or a bulbous nose tip or a residual dorsal hump and so on even after 12-15 months of the operation then, he/she needs to get a revision surgery. So, a patient before getting a nose job should understand all complications and other such things involved with getting a nose job. And only after completely knowing about everything, they should go ahead with it. This knowledge will keep them away from stress and will also help them to know if they need to consult the surgeon again.

Pain, Swelling and Bruises

Nose Jobs are always accompanied with pain, swelling and bruises near the nose and eye area. The swelling and bruising will show up within 3 to 5 days post-operation and will stay for 7 to 10 days. There are many things that are restricted during this time like wearing sunglasses or glasses, exercising or doing other activities which can get the heart rate going and so on.

So, the patient needs to prepare themselves before the surgery and get his/her ducks in a row. So, they need to ask someone to help them around the house as the patient have to keep his/her head elevated at all times.

Long recovery time

The only problem with nose job is that it has a long recovery period. The swelling and bruises will go ways in 7-10 days but, the residual swelling will take 4-6 weeks. So, a patient needs to realize this and talk to their surgeon to plan out the recovery period effectively before the surgery. With the help of the expert advice given by rhinoplasty houston surgeon, a patient will know when to expect result and how long should they take time off from work.

So, these were some of the things that one needs to think about before getting a nose job.

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5 Ways to Check for Bugs and Rodents in Your Home

By Eric Carroll

5 Ways to Check for Bugs and Rodents in Your Home

The temperature outside is slowly dropping, yet the humidity still remains. In Alabama, this means that all types of bugs and rodents will be eagerly seeking a nice, comfortable place to rest. Unfortunately, this often means resting inside of your home. If you want to check for bugs before they become a problem, here are a few helpful tips.

#1 Check problem areas

This means evaluating your home’s exterior walls for cracks, checking windows for damage (including screens), and ensuring your plants are at least a few feet away from the house. Also, keep your weeds trimmed, double check any repairs made, and set up traps. Pests are good at hiding, so do some research on where an infestation may be present.

#2 Check for dead bugs

Look around window ledges and in the basement for dead bugs. If you find many of the same bugs, they are likely to live on the property.

#3 Be aware of odd smells and sounds

Frequently, there are strange smells or sounds that will be present. As strange as it sounds, different bugs (such as bed bugs, mice and rats) give off varying smells. For example, mice tend to exude urine, musty odors while bed bugs give off an almost-sweet smell. Also be aware of sounds such as “pattering” feet on tile or wood floors or scratching on walls. Of course, make sure there is no garbage smell in your home, as this strongly attracts pests.

#4 Look for nesting areas

Using a flashlight, search the nooks and crannies of your home including behind appliances in the kitchen and inside the cabinets. Rats and mice will often use materials such as shredded paper or other discarded materials to build nests. If you find any nesting areas, set up traps or contact a pest control expert for advice.

#5 Look for droppings

Disgusting as it may be, droppings can be a telltale sign that pests are in your home. If unsure what kind of pest the droppings belong to, some Google research will generally reveal the culprit. Maybe just lay off breakfast before doing this one!

Remaining vigilant of any pest problems while making pest prevention a priority will often result in an infestation-free home. There are great options for pest control in Birmingham, just search your local listings. If you are concerned about a potential infestation or just need some helpful advice, contact a reputable pest control company in your area.

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Why it is important to have good brushing habits

By Eric Carroll

Brushing your teeth is important for multiple reasons. The primary purpose of brushing our teeth is to keep them clean, prevent cavities. Brushing has some other benefits though.

Other important reasons to brush your teeth

  • It helps get rid of and prevent bad breath
  • Brushing kills germs that are in our mouths
  • It keeps plaque from building up on our teeth
  • It helps prevent gum disease
  • Brushing your teeth prevents discoloration of your teeth

Most of these benefits of brushing your teeth can be combined into one big reason, and that is: Keeping your teeth and gums healthy. How does brushing your teeth help with that?

Brushing your teeth helps clean off the plaque, which is a clear bacterium that creates a film on your teeth. When you eat, these bacteria go bananas over all of the sugar that is left on your teeth. The bacteria break the sugar down into acid that is bad for your tooth enamel. Over time, this acid is what causes cavities to form in your teeth. This bacteria and acid can also cause a gum disease called gingivitis. Gingivitis causes your gums to be in pain, swollen, and red. Cavities and gum disease can both make it painful for you to eat until the problems are taken care of.

The best way to prevent plaque from building up on your teeth and causing cavities, gingivitis, or both, you need to use the following guidelines for brushing your teeth:

  1. Squeeze about a pea-sized amount of your favorite toothpaste onto your toothbrush
  2. Take 2-3 minutes to brush all of your teeth (not just the ones that are easy to get to)
  3. After brushing, swish the toothpaste around to get rid of bad breathe and other germs in your mouth
  4. Spit out the toothpaste and rinse your mouth out because swallowing too much toothpaste is not good for you

You should brush your teeth at least two times a day. To take extra good care of your teeth, you should also brush after every meal and sugary snack that you have throughout the day. In order to make sure your toothbrush is having the best effects, you should make sure that you replace it at least once every three months. You may need to replace it more frequently if you are brushing a lot or if you brush more heavily.

In addition to brushing your teeth, you should also floss at least twice a day to prevent gum disease. You should also consider using mouthwash to get rid of more bacteria and bad breath. Before using mouthwash, however, you should ask a dentist if it is right for you. Finally, you should see a dentist at least twice a year for a bi-annual cleaning and checkup. If you do all of this, then you are on your way to having a clean and healthy mouth!

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How to Choose the Best Dog Kennel

By Eric Carroll

There is nothing quite like the joy and excitement of going on vacation. If a furry friend is part of your family, taking them along isn’t always an option, so you are left to find a kennel for them to spend their vacation. Here are a few tips to help you find the best kennel for your furbaby.

1. Ask for recommendations. Ask your vet, local groomers, and friends or family with dogs which kenneling facilities they would recommend. The word of people who work with or own animals is often the best resource for finding an appropriate kennel for your dog or dogs.

2. Ask for references. Once you have chosen a kennel, be sure to ask for references. Once you have obtained the references, make sure to call them. Any kennel that doesn’t provide references or gives you fake references should be avoided.

3. Check for certifications. While kennels are not required to be certified, the Pet Care Services Association offers a certification for kennels and other animal boarding facilities. This guarantees that your kennel will provide the highest quality of care. In order to qualify for this certification, it is required to have 250 different qualifications in 17 categories.

4. Ask to tour the facility. Kennels and animal boarding facilities should be quiet, clean and free of odors. The kenneling areas should be large enough to house animals of all sizes, and there should be a variety of activities and exercise areas that the dogs can participate in. There should be no more than 10 dogs per trainer to ensure that each dog gets the proper attention and care.

5. Inspect the Outdoor Exercise Areas. These areas should be free of waste and debris, and should be secured on all sides to ensure that the animals cannot escape while they are exercising. These areas should also be covered with a variety of materials, including concrete and Astroturf, to provide a variety of different experiences, and should be at least partially shaded to protect the animals from the sun.

6. Pay attention to the questions that they ask you. A good kennel owner will ask you a variety of questions about your dog to make sure that he or she is a good fit for their facility. These questions will include things like whether your dog is up to date on all of his or her immunizations, what their temperament is like, and whether they have any specific nutritional or dietary requirements. If your dog is prone to aggression, whether it is in play or not, or to separation anxiety, this would be a good time to inform the kennel owner.

Finding a kennel like bed and biscuit  that is the perfect fit for your furry family member can seem like a difficult task, but by putting forth a little bit if extra effort, you can ensure that your dog gets the best treatment on his or her vacation while you are enjoying your time at the beach.

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