5 Ways to Check for Bugs and Rodents in Your Home

5 Ways to Check for Bugs and Rodents in Your Home

The temperature outside is slowly dropping, yet the humidity still remains. In Alabama, this means that all types of bugs and rodents will be eagerly seeking a nice, comfortable place to rest. Unfortunately, this often means resting inside of your home. If you want to check for bugs before they become a problem, here are a few helpful tips.

#1 Check problem areas

This means evaluating your home’s exterior walls for cracks, checking windows for damage (including screens), and ensuring your plants are at least a few feet away from the house. Also, keep your weeds trimmed, double check any repairs made, and set up traps. Pests are good at hiding, so do some research on where an infestation may be present.

#2 Check for dead bugs

Look around window ledges and in the basement for dead bugs. If you find many of the same bugs, they are likely to live on the property.

#3 Be aware of odd smells and sounds

Frequently, there are strange smells or sounds that will be present. As strange as it sounds, different bugs (such as bed bugs, mice and rats) give off varying smells. For example, mice tend to exude urine, musty odors while bed bugs give off an almost-sweet smell. Also be aware of sounds such as “pattering” feet on tile or wood floors or scratching on walls. Of course, make sure there is no garbage smell in your home, as this strongly attracts pests.

#4 Look for nesting areas

Using a flashlight, search the nooks and crannies of your home including behind appliances in the kitchen and inside the cabinets. Rats and mice will often use materials such as shredded paper or other discarded materials to build nests. If you find any nesting areas, set up traps or contact a pest control expert for advice.

#5 Look for droppings

Disgusting as it may be, droppings can be a telltale sign that pests are in your home. If unsure what kind of pest the droppings belong to, some Google research will generally reveal the culprit. Maybe just lay off breakfast before doing this one!

Remaining vigilant of any pest problems while making pest prevention a priority will often result in an infestation-free home. There are great options for pest control in Birmingham, just search your local listings. If you are concerned about a potential infestation or just need some helpful advice, contact a reputable pest control company in your area.